Project Description

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2018- present

  • Employed by Middleton Group, a Melbourne based engineering consultancy specialising in power and energy, who were also impressed by the overseas experiences
  • Planning next trip to Europe


  • Completed Master of Engineering at the University of Melbourne
  • Gained part-time work as a DJ and MC, his employer was impressed by the travel and work experience overseas


  • Took a gap year to travel in Europe and spent four months in Germany
  • Visited both host families in Marburg
  • Worked for a butcher near Marburg, and spent some time working on a farm


  • Completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne
  • Chose to study German for two years as a breadth subject for its real-world application
  • Spent time with his 2008 school exchange partner who was in Australia for a year


  • Completed VCE studying German, English, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, Physics, International Politics


  • Enjoyed the last exchange so much, participated in another 5-week school exchange to Marburg with a different host family


  • Participated in a 5-week school exchange to Marburg, Germany


  • Chose to learn German at Viewbank College