In 2019, Prince Charles delivered a speech – partly in German – at an event celebrating the Queen’s Birthday at the British Ambassador’s residence in Berlin. He spoke of how he hopes the bond between Britain and Germany will remain close in a nod to Britain’s departure from the EU. Part of what he said in German was: “Today, we are much more than just neighbours. We are friends and natural partners, entwined by mutual experiences, mutual interests and mutual values and our futures are deeply entwined.” He also spoke about their common goal of combatting the serious threat posed by climate change.

FUN FACT: The family name of the Royal Family is Windsor, but it was not always the case. Through the marriage of Queen Victoria (1819-1901) to a German prince in 1840, the British royal family received a German surname: Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. After the outbreak of WWI, King George V. changed the family name to Windsor in 1917.

Prince Charles is not fluent in German, although his father, Prince Philip, is reportedly proficient.

Listen to Prince Charles speak German: