International students are welcome in German-speaking countries and if you study in Germany or Austria, there is the added bonus of there being no or minimal tertiary fees (e.g. 110 € per semester).  Every Australian university has exchange programs with German-speaking countries.

Many courses (but not all) are offered in English, but as you are living in a German-speaking country, speaking German will be very useful for making friends and integrating into daily life.

If you want a scholarship, some skills in German may be a prerequisite or make your application stand out.

D – Deutschland – Germany

The German-Autralian Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst -DAAD) in Australia can help you find support to study and research in Germany and information about scholarships. Visit: DAAD and Study in Germany

The Goethe-Institut offers language and cultural courses in Germany and Australia. The Goethe-Institut offer scholarships to teachers and students of German. Visit: Goethe-Institut

A – Österreich – Austria

The Österreichischer Austauschdienst (OeAD – Austrian Exchange Service) can help find opportunities to study and research in Austria and information about scholarships. Visit: OeAD and Study in Austria

*Switzerland and Liechtenstein have tertiary fees.

CH – die Schweiz – Switzerland*

The Swiss-Australian Academic Network (SAAN) aims to facilitate bilateral exchange and promote the development of synergies and partnerships between Switzerland and Australia in the areas of research, education and technology. Visit: SAAN and Swiss Scholarships and Grants (SERI) and Study in Switzerland

LI – Liechtenstein – Liechtenstein*

The University of Liechtenstein accepts students from around the world. German is the official language of this alpine country with just over 38,000 citizens. Visit: University of Liechtenstein

Videos about international student experiences living and studying in Germany.

Germany – new horizons (English subtitles)